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Kulisha Skin began in group chat with 3 sisters that shared a dream. Bea, Mwajuma, and Sabina Ramadhani are the heart and soul of Kulisha Skin. They share a common goal and that is to create and promote natural products for all skin types.

Bea’s son suffered from severe eczema at just a few months old. She was frustrated with the countless visits to the dermatologist. Dealing with high insurance deductibles, shots, and one prescription cream after another that didn’t give relief to her son’s skin.

While some creams prevented his eczema from spreading, none were able to promote the conditions for his skin to soften and heal. Kulisha was formulated with skin as sensitive as her son’s in mind. With proper diet and hygiene, Kulisha assisted in decreasing skin irritation and healing.

It’s been a year since the last dermatology visit. Bea’s son is her vision behind the brand.

Mwajuma started seeking out products that had multiple natural ingredients for skin and hair. Her go-to items were Shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. Not only did these items serve as being beneficial to hair and skin, she was able to save more financially. This became a great habit and tool when her son was born.

With so many products designed for infants and children, the majority of those options are filled with chemicals and ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Mwajuma was unwilling to expose her child to those chemicals. She found that the oils and butters she blended was also useful for protecting her son’s skin from diaper rash.

In 2013, Sabina began a journey to rediscover natural practices for hair and skincare. She spent the next few years experimenting and formulating products that contain raw and natural ingredients for personal use and for her family and friends.

Sabina is driven by her passion for wellness. She strives to continuously gain knowledge about the benefits and limitations on the use of natural ingredients. Her sole purpose is to reduce the amount of products filled with chemicals in daily life because that’s the world we are born in to, but we don’t have to settle for it.

Natural ingredients like coconut oil, Shea butter and other essential oils were household items in the sister’s childhood home that served multiple purposes. But as children, and many adults, we are susceptible to the marketing of products that do more harm to our well-being than good. The sisters admit that they did stray from natural ingredients as their source of self care as they grew older and made their own financial choices because of that reason, wanting to have the things that were marketed for us. And for that, going back to their roots and to what they always knew to be good and pure is not a phase or a trend, it is a lifestyle.

The sister’s desire to learn more about natural resources for self care turned into an opportunity to create and to educate through Kulisha Skin. Kulisha Skin wants to bring luxury to skin that is all natural. Kulisha Skin’s promise, to formulate every Kulisha product with love, dedication, and appreciation for all.

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